This picture was drawn in the class by the kids.Through the picture we can see this picture perfectly clarify  the notion of curiosity,cooperation,independence and concentration.This was good picture from one of the twins in my class.Not only her,the rest of the kids also clarify the abstract and inexplicable meaning of life through the picture,they all did a great job! I really think this is a  good way to learn the Chinese. And I really feel amazed about the imagination and creativity of the American kids!

这个图片是小朋友在课堂上画的,通过图片我们可以看到,这张图片完美的诠释 了好奇,合作,独立和投入。这是我们班的一个双胞胎的作品,不仅仅是她,其他的小朋友们也很好的用图片画出了生活中抽象的概念,他们做的都很棒!这却是是个学习中文的好方法!我真的很感叹美国小朋友的想象力和创造力!




I found myself full of passion and energy every day after I begun my teaching career in LILA because of these innocent kids.They are practical,full of imagination,do not afraid of speaking Chinese ,which  I am really pround of them.Not only that,they are also full of sympathy,donating their money to the poor which do not have money for the meal.

Because of the money which they donated,LILA hold an activity called fun run.In the fun run,the kids are very excited and most of them finish 35 circles.In this activity ,they know what is persistence!



Hi,everyone !My name is Haocheng Chen,and I am a senior student from Jilin Normal university .At the middle of the June ,I successfully passed the interview of Confucius institute of University and became one of the student intern of Chinese immersion program.

I have been learning English for a long time ,and I was always looking forward to come and feel everything,especially culture and education in America. Actually,everything happened in America was really amazing and unforgettable!

The first week of the arrival,we took training at  Confucius institute of University,and I knew so many things about American education system and the big differences compare to Chinese education system,and I also had a good expectation for the following days which I would teach kids Chinese in LILA.A series of activity such as taking photos with the mayor ,listening the speech of the presient of St. cloud ,making so many friends ,which was really fantastic!

After one week, some of us came to Forest Lake and prepared to teach Chinese in LILA!I live in a host family,and my host dad and host mom were very nice person!And now I’m looking forward to get started of my work in LILA!