Hi,everyone !My name is Haocheng Chen,and I am a senior student from Jilin Normal university .At the middle of the June ,I successfully passed the interview of Confucius institute of St.cloud University and became one of the student intern of Chinese immersion program.

I have been learning English for a long time ,and I was always looking forward to come and feel everything,especially culture and education in America. Actually,everything happened in America was really amazing and unforgettable!

The first week of the arrival,we took training at  Confucius institute of St.cloud University,and I knew so many things about American education system and the big differences compare to Chinese education system,and I also had a good expectation for the following days which I would teach kids Chinese in LILA.A series of activity such as taking photos with the mayor ,listening the speech of the presient of St. cloud ,making so many friends ,which was really fantastic!

After one week, some of us came to Forest Lake and prepared to teach Chinese in LILA!I live in a host family,and my host dad and host mom were very nice person!And now I’m looking forward to get started of my work in LILA!







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